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Mount Heavy Mirror Over Stairs

The Honey Do-Handyman Mirror Over Stairs

​Mount Heavy Mirror Over Stairs.  ​For one of my designer clients I had to mount a heavy mirror over a stairway. It started with a lot of math to get my marks in the correct spot. I used d-rings and picture hooks. Some mirrors come with picture wire but if it is at all heavy […]

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Install Kids Book Floating Shelves

The Honey Do-Handyman Kids Floating Bookshelves

​Install Kids Floating Bookshelves.  ​This client had a Pinterest photo of floating bookshelves in a kids room. She wanted me to mount them so it would look similar. She was not home when I installed them so I ​text this photo to her. She said “OMG, I love it!” ​To intall shelves or art, I usually […]

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Mount TV To Tile Fireplace

TheHoneyDo-Handyman Mount TV On Tile

​Mount TV On Tile Fireplace.  ​I mount a lot of TV’s but this one was the hardest. It was a tiled fireplace wall with metal studs. I was surprised my studfinder found the studs through the tile. On a TV this size I could mount it without studs and not worry normally. But on tile […]

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Hotel Ivy Art Hanging

TheHoneyDo-Handyman Hotel Ivy Art

​Art Intallation At Hotel Ivy.  ​Hanging art at Hotel Ivy! I spent two days this week hanging art at a Hotel Ivy residence. A couple pieces were a challenge. One was a 4×8 foot cement on plywood painting. It weighed about 150lbs! We used a French cleat to hang it with, which is basically a […]

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Old Handyman Tools

The Honey Do-Handyman Tools

Precious Family Tools.  One of the tools I used today installing reclaimed wood in a bathroom wall was my dad’s. He used it on home projects when I was a kid. Once, we tried to sell it at a garage sale but no one bought it. Dewalt makes a way better one but I like […]

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Reclaimed Timber Install

The Honey Do-Handyman Reclaimed Wood

Get Wood In The Bathroom.  A client bought some reclaimed wood at www.mrtimbers.com to install on the wall behind his toilet. It looks really nice. The wall was painted black first so you wont see through the knot holes or gaps. I leveled it out. I glued most of it and nailed a few full […]

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Scrolling Screen Door Install

The Honey Do-Handyman Scrolling Screen Door

Now You See a Screen Door, Now You Don’t.  Today I removed an old slamming storm door in Orono. I replaced it with a new scrolling screen door. You can hardly see it. It just slides, or scrolls rather, over to open and to close.  When it’s closed it barely takes up any room. It’s […]

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Install Shelving

The Honey Do Handyman Shelving

All Shelf, No Stuff..  My client just moved in to their house and needed some help getting the house put together. I installed a couple shelving units. Including one on-the-wall organizer in the garage and this one in the basement. They also had a hand made wood shelving unit that need stabilization. I added customized […]

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Hanging Art In Minneapolis

The Honey Do Handyman Hang Art

Hanging Art In Minneapolis.  After my furniture assembly job this morning we snuck in a art hanging job since I was near by. He had several pieces of new art he wanted hung. The color on these three really stood out. Lots of other amazing art was hanging in different areas. One piece I needed to […]

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Floyd Bed Assembly

Honey Do Handyman Floyd Bed Assembly

Hi There, I Am A Floyd Bed Assembler.  An Uptown home owner needed a huge list of things done a couple rental properties. One of them was assembling a bed. Maybe the third bed. She did not like the other beds she bought. So this time I was hired to assemble a Floyd Bed.A Floyd […]

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