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Cat Rescued From Cinder Block Wall. 

I received a call to rescue a cat. The cat had jumped up on top of a foundational cinderblock wall. The blocks were not capped off so the cat went down the hole head first. I could not see the cat and it’s meows were distant. Trying to entice it with string and tuna juice did not work.

I figured it was stuck somewhere in the wall down low. I smashed a hole in the wall about 6 feet down from the top and the meows got louder so I knew I was close. I smashed another hole down one block and to the right about a foot. The cat was right there in the opening, wedged in as tight as can be. There was no way the it could move, even an inch. It was a little scuffed up, but was fine in the end.

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John started The Honey Do - Handyman after a mad flurry of home projects thanks to a honey do list provided by his wife.