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About The Owner

As a kid I used to take my bike apart all the way down to the ball-bearings. I laid every part in a line down the sidewalk so I could remember how to put it back together. It was a hand me down girls bike. Painted silver with a banana seat and a wheely bar. Too cool. I wish I still had it.

I spent 6 years restoring pre-1964 Porches, Ferraris and Mercedes to Concours standards. I specialized in the engine compartment, suspension and undercarriage restoring them to factory condition. Every car was a beautiful dream.

That was followed by 25 years as a photographer for editorial, advertising and architectural clients including Target, General Mills, and Minnesota Monthly. In addition to photography we built kitchens, bedrooms and other sets complete with walls, windows, floors, kitchen counter-tops, working sinks, and ovens. You can see my work here: Abernathy Photography

I was amazed by the iPhone and its apps. So I used my graphical experience from Photoshop and transferred it to Keynote, a presentation software made by Apple. With this I started an app prototyping company: App Mockup Tools

I did all of the work on my houses. I remodeled a bathroom; installed new wood floors, refinished old wood floors; took out old vanities and sinks, installed a hanging sink and a pedestal sink; repaired broken tiles and re-grouted; removed faux beams and re-drywalled ceilings; insulated, caulked and foam sprayed cracks to warm my freezing basement; installed programmable thermostats; re-grouted a fireplace; built planter boxes; rebuilt wood steps; striped and refinished doors; patched and painted walls and ceilings; fixed a cook top; replaced faucets and a garbage disposal and unclogged drains; installed a brick patio and surrounding gardens; installed a cyclone fence; removed duct-work and cleaned out 30 years of tar and nicotine from the previous owner; power-washed and painted the stucco; stripped and painted the outdoor molding; etc.

One day my wife gave me a ‘Honey Do’ list and I thought “Hey I like this. I think I’ll start a handyman business”. Within a week I had a name, an LLC, a Facebook Page, a web domain and website up and my first call for work. I also had the Honey Do/Bee branding idea and some marketing tactics. With your help I can write the next paragraph.

        – John Abernathy

Business Credentials

I am certified through the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.

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I am insured through Lockton Affinity.

Lockton Affinity


We were rated as one of the best handyman in Minneapolis out of 244 examined by



Not a credential but hey, worth noting. We donate a percentage of our profits towards beehives through Heifer International.

Heffer International




John Abernathy

He’s here to make you happy. Likes honey and signatures. Lets do some work together.

John Abernathy

He loves to figure stuff out. From bikes to cars to houses, lets fix it. Likes tools, sawdust and check marks. I’d love to work with you.

John Abernathy

Can’t stand unkept books, bedrooms and brains. Likes keyboards, programs and 5:30. See a pattern here?

…and the only reason for making honey is so I can eat it.

Winnie The Pooh

Now that you’ve read the book…